Susan Mason / Hester Payne

Reincarnated witch with a vengeance obsession


Height: 5’5"
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Dark
Susan/Hester is Portrayed by Kaya Scodelario

Hester Payne was executed for black sorcery in the 18th century, among the first to be so executed in New Orleans. Unlike many witches killed in this fashion, however, Hester was in fact a black sorceress in the service of a being she thought to be Satan, but was in fact the outer god Yibb-Tsill. Upon her death, she laid a curse upon New Orleans that she would return from the netherworld and wreak her vengeance upon the city.

She has now returned, and formed a triumvirate with Wayne Carter and the lizard man sorcerer who was formerly George Modot/Jamie Stardust. Their goal? To drown New Orleans in a wave of blood and tear open the gates of dreams that Yibb-Tsill can take its rightful place as ruler of the world…


Susan Mason / Hester Payne

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